October 3, 2023

Ahh… My Lips feel So much better thanks to Clarins instant Light Lip comfort Oil

Why isn’t this product permanent, already?! because it seriously needs to be. Clarins instant Light Lip comfort Oil, a combination shiny lipgloss/moisturizing lip treatment oil, is back again after going into hibernation for part of the year.

This year, if you’re not quick enough, a particular dry-lipped pregnant lady, who shall remain nameless (she’ll be covered in cat hair), just might clear out the entire stock.


I’m just sayin’. If you have dry lips and like Clarins, you must act quickly.

My goodness, this has been a freaking godsend. It’s available in two shiny, lightly tinted $24 shades — the 01 Honey shown here and another shade called 02 Raspberry.

It’s a massively moisturizing, shiny lip treatment oil with a non-sticky formula. The oils are 100% plant-based, too, and include hazelnut and jojoba (among other oils) to plump, soften, smooth and nourish.


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Hazelnut oil nourishes, plumps and softens lips.

Organic Jojoba oil nourishes and smoothes, without a sticky after feel. leaves lips soft, comfortable and perfectly hydrated.

Mirabelle Plum oil (present in the honey shade) protects from dehydration—promoting soft, supple lips.

Raspberry Seed oil (present in the raspberry shade) nourishes and protects lips from future aging with anti-oxidant benefits.

After a few hours wearing this magical witch’s brew, my lips look and feel about as close to new as they ever get. They’re much softer, moisturized and feel better, and my lip lines and flakes look considerably less obvious. The finish, which starts out glossy, fades to a satin over the course of a few hours.

I normally wear this on its own or with a nude lip liner, but often I’ll use it on top of a lipstick.

This one here, 01 Honey, tastes (and smells) a little like honey and apples to me, and it’s not one of those man-made flavors. It tastes real. and real good.

Even the applicator is a happiness to use. It’s absolutely spa-caliber. It just feels soft and velvety on my lips and gets the product anywhere it needs to be.

I love, love, love this to pieces, and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it joins the Clarins permanent line. It’s sure to become a cult classic.


Honey and Raspberry are available now (for a limited time) at Clarins counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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