October 3, 2023

Coming Soon: The new Mustela Maternite Skincare Line for new mommies as well as Moms-to-Be

My skin feels tight!

No…I don’t indicate “tight” as in that hella cool/rad/rocking way. I indicate tight, as in a balloon that’s about to pop.


This is mainly since of what I’ve dubbed “The BG Zone,” aka “The infant woman Zone,” aka “My Tum as well as Boobs,” as well as even though the rational ideal half of my brain realizes that this is typical as well as just a prelude to bigger (haha) things to come, as well as that the real-deal fun is ideal around the corner, I’m still trying to brace myself, which includes integrating some new skin as well as body care products into my routine, like these new products by Mustela.

They’re a French brand understood for their skin care products for mommies as well as babies, as well as they have a brand new line of lotions, balms as well as creams to assist with stretch marks, body firming as well as itching…which occurs often when your skin feels stretched to its limits as well as you’re about two breaths away from bursting. The new Mustela pregnancy Skincare line debuts on the internet this month as well as at Target, infants R us as well as get Buy infant stores.

“For over 60 years, Mustela has been an professional in skincare advancement for infants as well as mothers-to-be. thanks to a strong foundation in dermatological research, Mustela products are safe, gentle, as well as formulated particularly for your baby’s delicate skin. Paraben-, phthalate-, as well as phenoxyethanol-free, Mustela is, a lot of importantly, proven risk-free for you as well as your baby.”
— Sephora.com

In what may or may not still verify to be a futile attempt to stop stretch marks (I’ll let you know!), I’ve been utilizing the stretch marks Prevention Oil ($30) on my tummy, thighs as well as breasts every night after my shower for the past two weeks, complied with by the stretch marks Prevention cream ($46) the complying with morning. often I likewise add a layer of the anti-itch Soothing Moisturizing Balm ($23), which seems to work, although I haven’t had extremely severe itching anyway.


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And for after infant woman arrives, I likewise plan to utilize the Body Firming Gel ($39) as well as Bust Firming Serum ($27).

So far, so good! I’m liking the new products. They’re real-deal moisturizing, as well as I dig the dainty floral scent, too. It’s rosy, with notes of musk, jasmine as well as a awesome ocean breeze, ahh….

I keep reminding myself that the stretch marks may still come, so I’m not putting as well much hope in a jar (or a tube), however I want TO BELIEVE!

Maybe that’s just the manage freak in me…


For the mommies out there, what are the very best specialty pregnancy skin care (and other) products you’ve found? exactly how about products or ideas to stop stretch marks? Inquiring minds want to know!

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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