October 3, 2023

A last-minute Halloween costume Idea: Carol (in Wolf’s Clothing!) From The walking Dead

You don’t mess with Carol, son!
Here’s a super simple, quick last-minute Halloween costume shout-out to Carol! — one of my preferred characters on The walking Dead. The new season started a few weeks ago, as well as in my preferred season six episode so far, Carol shimmies like a bad-@ss out of her “after institution special” button-down cardigan, dons a filthy bandanna as well as hoodie, covers herself in dirt as well as blood as well as basically saves a whole lot of people from a pack of psycho killers called the Wolves by impersonating one of ’em.

Of course, a Carol Wolf costume wouldn’t be total without a prop, like a casserole, or this right here pan of brownies, since Carol doesn’t just kick @ss. She’s likewise a fantastic cook! LOL…


Or, if your hubby occurs to keep swords under the bed, you might likewise wield a machete.

Just please be cautious not to accidentally slice anyone to bits.

The makeup was really truly simple as well as took less than five minutes.


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I just ran my fingers across a couple of pans of matte taupe as well as matte dark gray eyeshadows (I utilized Primal as well as Undone from the metropolitan Decay Naked2 fundamentals Palette), then sprayed them with Avene Thermal spring Water as well as ran them across my face.

I did this a number of times to produce the filthy effect…

For the “W” forehead sign used by the Wolves, I mixed MAC Russian Red Lipstick with MAC woman risk Lipstick on the back of my hand to produce a deep red, then used that to my forehead with a lip brush.

Oh, as well as that bandana? It started out pristine as well as white when I got it from Target last night for about $4. I let it soak overnight in a bowl of tea, then threw it in the dryer this morning to make it look a bit more apocalyptic as well as dirty. Et voila! Dirrrrty bandana.

The hoodie as well as shirt were courtesy El Hub. Thanks, babe!


On that note, happy Halloween! #teamcarol

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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