March 24, 2023

Saturday Surfing: June 24th, 2017

Hey, friend! rise and shine, morning glory. I’m ecstatic because I don’t have any big house-related chores to do today.

I mean, there are things I could do around the house, and things I probably must do around the house…but I’m not going to do them today, haha!


All I have to do is help a friend with something this afternoon, but outside of that, I plan to veg and play.

One thing I want to do this weekend is peruse the MAC lipstick permanent line. There are still so lots of MAC permanent lip products I’ve never tried before, so if you have any MAC permanent lipstick loves you think I must try, let me know.

Speaking of permanent products…I was chatting with my friend Steph the other day about the whole “limited edition chase.” It’s fun sometimes, isn’t it? trying to track down LE items before they disappear? but at a certain point, I get worn out of the effort it takes. often I just want to walk up to a counter and get a replacement for something I like when I run out. No muss, no fuss.


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That’s one of my favorite things about lipstick — how easy it is to change your mind. I love how noncommittal it is. It’s not like getting locked into a relationship with a new foundation or mascara, which for me are kind of like getting a couch! Your foundation covers so much of your face, and when it pertains to mascara, you know, you only have one set of lashes. There’s some risk involved there.

I feel like foundation and mascara are the big ticket items, but lipstick is a lot more like a seasonal throw pillow…

OK! I think that’s enough crazy talk for today. Seriously, though, if you have any MAC perm lipsticks recommendations, please send them my way.

Now for some light reading…

I had a feeling (and a fear) this would eventually happen: hourglass is getting sold. Shocker! and the buyer isn’t Estée Lauder.

How much time do the people in your neck of the woods spend grooming?

Anna Sui’s summer makeup collection takes you under the sea.

What it’s like to be a small appeal brand in Sephora.

Jouer has some beautiful new high-pigment glosses.

Are you a fan of any of these cult-fave appeal products?

I mean, if Connor asked for a Ken doll with a man bun, I guess I’d say yes?!

25 successful women talk about how to be productive.

Kenya is promising complimentary sanitary napkins to help keep girls in school.

Holy crap, this is kinda scary! If you have a whipped cream dispenser in your home, be careful.

What’s driving the billion-dollar (!) natural appeal movement?

Get your glow on with Charlotte Tilbury’s #GLOWMO collection.

Would you do this? now there’s a Drybar-like store for makeup application, where you pop in and pay between $35-60 to get your face beat.


Talk to you later, and psssst! — try to take a nap today. For reals, it does a body good.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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