March 24, 2023

Do You remove Your Lipstick before You Eat?

To remove the lipstick or not remove the lipstick? THAT is the question…
Lipstick, lipgloss — whatever I’ve got on my lips — yeah, I usually like to take it off before I eat, just because I don’t eat in the most…graceful way.

Girl, when I eat, I’m hungry. I kinda shovel the food into my mouth, which I’m sure is mortifying my mom at the moment, but whatever. It’s not like I’m at a state dinner or anything. I’m usually in my living room, as well as it’s me as well as a baby, El Hub as well as a cat. as well as an episode of Gilmore Girls. So nobody is watching me that closely, but I still like to take off any type of lip products.


I’m sure part of that is habit because I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager. I just take my napkin as well as blot whatever I’ve got going on, as well as then I eat. It just makes my world a little neater as well as — how shall I say this? — makes me look less like a clown as I eat.

I don’t know… Are you one of those talented people who can wear a matte red lip as well as successfully eat soup, a main dish as well as dessert without getting red lipstick all over the place?


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF, my friend! Is anybody else seeing Rogue One? El Hub as well as I got tickets for this afternoon. I gotta be honest, I’m pretty excited about the movie, but I’m very excited about the popcorn.

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