March 24, 2023

Neutrogena Hydro boost Hydrating Tint Is a Lovely, lightweight Medium-Coverage tinted moisturizer

The new Neutrogena Hydro boost Hydrating Tints ($14.99 each, offered in 10 shades)
Is new Neutrogena Hydro boost Hydrating Tint as fun as…sliding down the summit Plummet at Disney’s Blizzard beach or hiking to Wailua Falls on Kauai as well as frolicking in the secluded pool?

Hmm…maybe! It’s fun if your concept of fun is having your foundation look totally natural.


If I saw a friend, as well as he/she was using this foundation, I don’t understand if I’d be able to tell. I’d just admire exactly how even-toned as well as dewy his/her skin looked. then I’d ask their secret!

That’s a huge doe foot
Ultra smooth…

Hydro boost is an oil-free tint/foundation with hydrating hyaluronic acid to plump skin for as much as 24 hours, however ya know…the structure is the genuine special sauce. It’s fluffy, mousse-like as well as incredibly simple to blend. When I utilize the over-sized doe-foot applicator to dot it on my face, then blend it in with my fingers, it glides as well as produces a thin, even layer, which is then undetectable, even on my cray-cray dry skin.

Swatches of the Neutrogena Hydro boost Hydrating Tints from the top in traditional Ivory 10, natural Ivory 20, Buff 30, nude 40 as well as Soft beige 50
More swatches from the top in natural beige 60, Honey 85, Caramel 105, Cocoa 115 as well as Chestnut 135

Natural coverage

Essentially, it’s a lightweight medium-coverage tinted moisturizer with the slightest of slight dewy completes (there’s no pearl, though). You can develop the protection as much as medium, however even then, it still looks natural.


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Like right now, I have a dark area on my chin from a pimple that dried out a while back, as well as when I wear my shade, Honey, the area isn’t totally hidden, however it’s less visible.

Before, without any foundation on
And after applying Honey 85
Same goes for the unequal areas on my cheeks. Hydro boost evens out the darker as well as lighter areas to ensure that my skin looks uniform, however it doesn’t look excessively uniform… You can still see my freckles as well as whatnot.

It likewise blurs my pores ever so slightly, layers well under powder, as well as stays intact without going patchy as the day turns to night.

The verdict

Honestly, I can’t believe this is drugstore! It performs like a premium foundation — like something from YSL or Guerlain. It’s just so good, so yeah! get thee a bottle, as well as one for your BFF, since sharing is caring.

For $14.99, it’s expensive for drugstore, however general I believe it’s a bargain, as well as you won’t have to offer your very first born (which in my situation would be my cat). There are 10 shades, as well as you can discover them all now at drugstores as well as online.

Foxy lady

Happy Friday, my friend! Here’s a increased for you…

When I believe of red roses, I usually believe of deep, almost garnet red roses, which I do like…but, to be honest, they don’t set my world on fire.

This year for Valentine’s Day, El Hub discovered these lovely lipstick red roses, as well as I just about died! The range is called (wait for it…) Foxy Lady! — as well as they’re a bright, bluish red, like somebody took a tube of MAC Russian Red Lipstick, melted it down as well as poured it on a lots roses.

Foxy Lady, LOL!


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