March 24, 2023

For You, What’s the Hardest thing about Doing Eye Makeup?

When you wanna wear all the things…
Oh, gosh, where do I even start? — because there are so numerous levels and layers to this answer! Out of all the things that are hard for me about doing eye makeup (and, dude, there are so numerous of them), the hardest for me is applying eyeshadow.

Loved it because the beginning of time, but it took me years to figure out what to finish with it with any degree of competency.


And when I really started putting ALL THE things on my lids, I read books and tried to follow tutorials, so I’d put color in the crease and the outer third (like all makeup junkies are wont to do), and then I’d look in the mirror at the final product and think, WHAT THE actual F*CK? Seriously. LOL!

Eventually, I figured out that I was placing eyeshadow on my lids in ways that didn’t suit my eye shape (they’re slightly hooded and turn down at the outer corners), and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out a better way for me (I have to put eyeshadow higher up on my lids and closer to the center; otherwise, it drags my eyes down).

It still isn’t easy to this day, especially when I’m using multiple colors, but at least it’s slightly manageable.

How about you? What’s the hardest thing about doing eye makeup?


Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,



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