March 24, 2023

DSW Adventures! I’m Fancying Flatform sandals

Don’t knock ’em ’till you try ’em, man! These flat platform sandals — otherwise understood as “flatforms” — integrate the comfort of a flat shoe with the height of a platform, so you get the additional lift without the achy arches as well as lower back pain from high heels.

Side note: I can’t believe I just composed that since it was only a few years back when I was living in high heels virtually 24/7, however now I wear flats all teh time, as well as my bod feels better.


At first, I poo-pooed flatforms. I believed they appeared like a Frankenstein-ian monster mashup of an espadrille as well as a wedge, however I kept seeing them on blogs as well as Instagram as well as thought, “Hey! Those are really truly cute.”

They’re the type of shoe you nearly have to see on somebody else’s feet to appreciate them as trendy footwear…instead of as a doubtful science experiment.

And when you slip them on? Ahhhhh! All is ideal with the world…


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I was this close to providing this pair of Bjorn flatforms (at the top) a delighted house today. I slipped them on as well as proceeded to walk around the store for 10 minutes since I failed to remember I was using them! however that’s a great sign, right? When you fail to remember to really pay for a pair of shoes on your feet since they’re that comfortable? That’s normally a great sign…

In the end, though, I made a decision to wait since I’m picky about my straps, as well as this pair had one as well lots of around the ankles. If I’m still pining for them on Friday, I may go back. We’ll see.

I likewise liked the look of the lighter brown MIA flatforms below, however the straps were a bit as well loose.

Cute though!

So lots of flatforms…


Have you tried flatforms? exactly how do you feel about ’em?

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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