March 24, 2023

What’s a pricey product You wish You never Fell in love With?

Oh! I wish I never fell in love with Tom Ford Radiant moisture Souffle! It’s $98 for a 1.7-oz. jar, which is relatively tame on the grand scale of Tom Ford prices (his Intensive Infusion Ultra rich moisturizer is $253 for a 1-oz. jar), but still, it’s CRAY.

I think it came out with the summer 2016 collection, but Connor was an infant at the time, and I was overwhelmed and outta my mind…so even though I knew it was something special and loved the hell out of it, I stuck it on a shelf for months.


The much more I use it, the much more I realize that I need to be conservative about it and parse it out, because it’s hard to find. The only place I’m seeing it in stock now is Saks.

Basically, it’s the best pre-makeup face cream for dry skin that I’ve ever found. It moisturizes, gives a soft pearly glow and smooths pores, so it does a bit of everything I like in a pre-makeup face cream, and it doesn’t feel like a heavy silicone face blanket. everything I ever try to layer on top of it — foundation, tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, whatever — looks SO much SMOOTHER.

Also, in my dream world, someone will have already made a $30 knockoff, because, I mean, if MAC can essentially dupe Tom Ford’s heavenly brow pencil, there has to be somebody out there who could do that for this cream. I’m just sayin’… keeping my fingers crossed!


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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What’s a pricey product you wish you never fell in love with?


Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


P.S. fire UPDATE: The situation is still fluid. between 10-15 miles north of us is still in the cat’s maw. It’s very bad up there, and thousands of people are being evacuated every hour. San Rafael, which is the neighboring town to Novato, had the worst air quality in the nation yesterday because of the smoke from the nearby fires. It’s like fog all day long here, except that the fog is smoke. There are much more than a dozen wildfires burning across Sonoma and Napa Counties, all over the small hills and towns around red wine Country, with very few of them contained, and a lot depends now on the weather. The forecast is saying that the winds are going to pick up again tonight, which makes the fires harder to include in these dry hills and open space… We’re just hoping for the best.

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