October 3, 2023

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipstick as well as Lipglass

She’s baaaack! MAC Taraji P. Henson is back with a second Viva Glam Lipstick as well as Lipglass (coming soon)
I checked out somewhere that it took Taraji P. Henson of empire as well as hidden figures — who’s back, by the way, with a second MAC Viva Glam — a long time to get her huge break as an actress.

That’s cool. She never provided up. She persisted, as well as she got there.


It provides me hope! Like, I still wanna compose a young adult novel, as well as I’m no spring poultry (I’m 42). however it’s never as well late, right?

Taraji’s new MAC Viva Glam comes out next month (September 7th to counters as well as the MAC website). Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipstick as well as Lipglass are $17 each, as well as I believe they’re just as rad as her VG Lipstick as well as Lipglass last year.

Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipstick as well as Lipglass

MAC Taraji P. Henson Lipglass
Details, details
Love me some small glitter…

A closeup of Taraji’s lipstick
Both of these new ones are metallic coppery browns with glinting golden pearl. extremely cozy, extremely autumnal as well as extremely metallic, as well as metallics are having a moment, as you know.


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Can’t you just see these with khaki as well as gold on your lids? Something like Tom Ford’s Burnished Copper with MAC Old Gold Pigment would look amazing.

Hey, perhaps I’ll try that this weekend!

I believe they would likewise go well with the Mineralize Skinifinishes from Tariji’s collection collab with MAC.

The lipstick has a Frost finish, as well as the formula feels heavier than a lightweight MAC Glaze, however lighter than a MAC Matte. So, it’s somewhere in the middle. as for shine, it’s like the aspects on a fantastic cut diamond, so you’ll see great deals of it.

A bit much more remarkable than what I typically wear to Tar-ghay, however striking nonetheless. I’ve got Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipstick on my lips!
The Lipglass feels thick as well as weighty, however not sticky, on my lips. Both the gloss as well as lipstick are quite comfortable, too, whether I wear them together or apart, however I would begin with a layer of a moisturizing balm first, since MAC Frost lipsticks, as well as this one’s no exception, tend to dry out ye olde thirsty lips.

Ooh, such a wearable color! That’s Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipglass.

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I believe the lipstick, also, would look truly striking on pale princesses as well as darker divas, since it’s remarkable as well as deep, however it’s most likely much more of a once-in-a-blue-moon color for me… I like exactly how it looks in pics, however I can’t see myself using it as frequently as, say, neutral pink Viva Glam V.

Wearing the Lipglass layered on top of the Lipstick in this pic…
The Lipglass is much much more wearable, I think. It looks much more intense in the tube. If you like MAC Oh infant Lipglass, I believe you’ll most likely such as this as well.

Of course, one more reason to like Viva Glam is the charity, which has been going strong for 23 years now. It’s really one of the reasons I fell in like with the brand in the very first place. All the proceeds from Viva Glam sales go to the MAC helps Fund.

Baby states “no!”

Oh, my gosh. I understood this day would come. I just didn’t believe it would come so soon! The Coywolf has started stating the word, “No.”

I don’t believe she truly comprehends it, though.

When I told this to El Hub the other day, here’s exactly how it went:

ME:The infant states “no” a lot, however I don’t believe she comprehends what it implies yet.
EL HUB: like mom like baby.
ME: What do you mean?
EL HUB: Her mother doesn’t comprehend no, either, haha!

The guy has jokes.

Anyway, it’s adorable when she does it now, since she states it in a singsong voice over as well as over again, like “No, no, no, no, no!” however it’s only a matter of time before she’s utilizing it in genuine protest.


Fists of fury!
It seems like it just two seconds back when she was a bit newborn cradled in my arms…

Your friendly community charm addict,


P.S. prepared for much more reading? I got YOU, GIRL!

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