October 3, 2023

Unsung makeup Heroes: Clinique Fuller Fudge

Woo-hoo! 10-minute makeup!
What’s an unsung makeup hero? For me, it’s an usually underrated makeup morsel, a long-term collection product that scoots under the radar screen of numerous makeup enthusiasts however routinely rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features a few of my favorites.

It doesn’t get speedier than this: Clinique Fuller Fudge.

Mmm, fudge… now I want some See’s Candies. ?


Sorry! Sidetracked!

Anywho… I’ve talked about Clinique’s line of twist-up cream shadows before, however this shade — this — is my preferred since it’s extremely compatible with my way of life these days, as well as by that I’m speaking about 10-minute makeup, which is just about all I do these days (maybe 15 minute makeup on a great day!).

The funny thing about this $18.50 shadow (well, funny to me) is that whenever I wear it, I get concerns like, “What are you using on your lids? Is that a palette? Are you using a mix of creams as well as powders?”


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People always presume I’m using something much more challenging than it is, however nawwwww, it’s just Fuller Fudge. It just so occurs to be fab.

It’s a one-stop smoky lid shop, the most tasty warm dark brown with sufficient soft shimmer in it to keep things from falling flat. When I wear it, I typically do a few swipes directly on my bare lids, then blend out the edges with a finger, or in some cases I’ll dip a 217 into whatever bronzer I plan to wear that day as well as utilize that instead.

A few windshield wiper motions here, a swish there, as well as voila! — I’ve buffed my method to stylish smoky lids that I can wear to quite much anywhere, with quite much any type of cheek as well as lip colors.

Yeah, this is one of those makeup miracles that works with warm as well as awesome cheeks as well as lips.

I’m likewise using roam charm Mile High Club Mascara on my eyes. The blush is Flesh Tender Flesh blush in Glaze, as well as the lipstick is Flesh Fleshy Lips Lipstick in Hungry.
Fuller Fudge feels similar to the NUDESTIX as well as NARS shadow sticks. like them, it’s somewhat dry, however not as dry as Sephora’s. You get from 2-3 minutes before the cream totally dries, so you aren’t required to blend like your life depends upon it. You have sufficient time to play, however you don’t have forever.

I appreciate this because it prompts me to get the task done quicker, ya know?

Even much better still, this shadow is sheerer than similar shadow sticks, which implies that even if I totally muck things up as well as draw the color up as well high or as well far out on one eye, it’s not *that* obvious, so you get great deals of leeway for imperfection = BONUS!


And, ya know, when I’m doing 5- or 10-minute makeup, I don’t even objective for Insta-glam levels of picture-perfect lids. quite good, or even halfway decent, is fine by me these days because, honestly, even though I understand I understand I might do a much better task provided much more time, I don’t want to spend two hours on my makeup anymore. At least not often. I’m completely pleased using just a bit of something for some additional oomph, as well as this sensational stick of shimmery brown takes all the effort out of smoky eyes.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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