March 24, 2023

The Kevyn Aucoin Electropop pro Eyeshadow palette

I’m wearing the new Kevyn Aucoin Electropop palette on my lids and thinking #deepmakeupthoughts
Should you listen to electronic music or pop music when you’re playing around with the new $57 Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Palette? #deepmakeupthoughts

Every time I wear it, I end up listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D at least three times, haha! We have a baby lullaby station set on Pandora, and I’m not kidding, every other song is some version of Pachebel’s Canon in D. I promise that song is holding the baby lullaby station hostage!


So that eye look on the box is cray, but I wanna try it! Who’s with me?
Electropop is a $57 limited edition eye palette with 12 electric shades and chromatic colors, and it’s all about the brights, dramatic pigment and mega metallic pearl. You’ve got color, shine and all the fun, flashy things, but they’re handled tastefully and performed with perfection.

The font snob in me wholly approves of this typeface.
At first, it was the brights that reeled me in, but the creamy, comfy, weightless formula sealed the deal. It’s like, dude, am I even wearing eyeshadow at all?

The Electropop shadows feel as light as a feather, much like the MAC In extra dimension Eyeshadows, and just like the In extra Dimensions, they kindly stay the crap outta my fine lines. So thanks for that, team Kevyn!


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Light, Beam, Ultraviolet, Charge, Switch, Laser, Heat, Fuse, Amp, Impulse, Hardwire, Blackout

Even though they’re classified as powders, they feel practically wet, like a BECCA Shimmer Skin Perfector Pressed, or a hybrid gel-to-powder eyeshadow like the ones in the Estée Lauder Pure color Envy Palettes.

The creamy formula glides across the skin and won’t give you any trouble when you’re blending.

The brand recommends dumping your brushes and either patting or swiping the Electropop shadows with your fingers to apply them, and I wholeheartedly agree. You get the most intense color payoff that way, and the least fallout (there’s very little, in case you were worried).

Electropop might look like a dream come true for people who only do brights, and you might want to dismiss it if you wouldn’t touch teal with a 10-foot pole, but get a little closer… Come on, don’t be shy.

Come closer!
A unexpected number of shades in it work well as neutrals (taupe, gold, bronze and violet), so even though Electropop looks like a once-in-a-while party palette, the neutrals imply that you can also work it with the everyday browns you always wear.

Oh wait, that’s me.

I’m also wearing Kevyn Aucoin Capri Bronzer and Ibiza Highlighter on my cheeks, and Nudestix Go girl on my lips.


I’m a big fan, and I hope, hope, hope KA releases much more palettes with this formula. You can find it at Sephora, Kevyn Aucoin counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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