March 24, 2023

This Is What occurs When Your Older sibling Is a feline

You beg your mom to put purple sequined feline ears on you, as well as then you wear them 24/7. ?

And right here is what occurs when you watch your mom painting her deal with all the time as well as discover out that there’s a deal with painting booth at the preschool BBQ, LOL!


This was last weekend. Connor didn’t want anything to do with it at first, however then El Hub said, “Do you want to wear makeup just like mommy?” as well as her eyes widened with amazement as well as she sprinted at full speed over to the booth. then she refused to leave the BBQ up until it was her turn to get her deal with done.

See the subtle blue gradient around the butterfly wings? I peeked inside the deal with painter’s kit, as well as she had a cool-looking box of vibrant striped blocks called the Paradise makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet Palette. It’s by a pro makeup line called Mehron. They do a great deal of vibrant makeup for body painting as well as performers.

The striped blocks look like bars of soap, as well as each one has a different combination of colors. You can wet a clean with water, run it along one of the blocks, as well as clean it on your skin for an immediate gradient.

After these dry, they stay put, however they’re simple to laundry off with water.

You can likewise get the blocks individually for $16.95 each… I believe I’m gonna order one or two for Halloween so I can paint Connor’s deal with to match her butterfly costume.

I’ve never painted a butterfly on a human being before, however it can’t be any type of harder than walking a feline on a leash.


Have you ever done any type of theatrical deal with painting or body art?

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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